One year in Philadelphia (give or take a few months)

I am moving to Philadelphia (not on my own will)  for my job.  Unfortunately I will be commuting to Philadelphia from North Carolina for 63.33% of the month and be sitting on call.  On call is short for doing nothing in something called a crashpad*.

If anyone went to Catholic school you would find the definition of ‘crashpad‘ to be similar in nature to what the nuns told you about purgatory.

pur-ga-to-ry  noun

1:  A place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven

  2: a place or state of temporary suffering or misery


Those who know me, would say that I can’t sit still.  So a year of sitting around a crashpad has me delighted with craft ideas and adventures.   I already have a huge list of craft and cooking projects that I want to tackle. We will call this Part Deux, from my many years of sitting on call at the Charlotte Airport.

*Crashpad– a horrible place that is dirty crowded and similar to a hostel.  Strange men and women crowd 2-7 people per room and share bunk beds for a nominal cost.

Crash Pad luxury

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