Day Number One–

Well under some really hectic circumstances (like exactly 12 hours notice to pack up and get everything to PHL) I have arrived.

I am without car, and stuck in a nutritional dead zone.  That means the only place to get groceries is a gas station.  I assume I will die a swift death from hot dog nitrate poisoning.

After doing some snooping and adventuring I found two parks. One with an awesome 1/2 mile track and soccer field.  The other one is a nature preserve.  During my run I learned three things.

#1 Run with mace.

Last night I had a nightmare I was going to get knifed during my year in Philadelphia.  I feel like maybe that was a little dramatic.  However the ratio to weirdo’s asking if needed a ride while I am clearly running and in running clothes is bothersome.  So maybe getting knifed is less of a concern then kidnapped by some weirdo.

John Heinz National Refugee

#2 Driftwood

I also hit the jackpot for drift wood for craft projects! Or maybe its just garbage that has floated down stream. In any case I’m going to scavenge.   Making a bow and arrow is on my to do list while in Philadelphia.

#3 Steal a car

I also learned that women can’t drive here… Really? How did she get her $300 toy stuck in the muddy water?  What 5 year old doesn’t know that you can’t go muddin  in a  Barbie jeep?   I’m really tempted to make a salvage  operations for the vehicle.  If you already forgot I’m without a car!

Girl can’t drive

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