Panda Bread 1- Melisa 0

I’m sure by now most of you have heard of the infamous “Panda Bread”.  Some Japanese person made this bread only to have a small cult following of people who have failed to replicate this piece of  food art work. If this project doesn’t encapsulate  Japanese culture I’m not sure what does.  This has been on my bucket list for two years.  So now, stuck in Philadelphia, this is the moment to seize the opportunity.

The original Panda Bread

Panda Bread-often duplicated rarely replicated

       My bread making experience has always been a wash.  For someone who was the “official baker” at a bakery in college this is probably hard to believe. I think it comes down to some weird family tradition of us putting the yeast packets in the refrigerators. My father (an excellent chef, who even ran the Cowboy Grub in Utah many moons ago) seems to be a failure at making bread also.  I’m starting to think our family tradition of putting yeast in the fridge isn’t a good idea.

So the ingredients call for cocoa powder to color the eyes and ears, non bleached flour, and green tea powder to dye the green part.  All I have to say to that is…. LIE.


I was so excited to use some of the leftover green tea powder (very expensive stuff by the way) that I had bought while in Kyoto, Japan.   So after you make your dough ball you’re suppose to split it into three balls.  Then you add water to the cocoa powder, and water to the green tea powder to make the coloring.  What a load of crap!   As you can see down below,  the ball on the left is suppose to be green and the one on the right is suppose to be brown.

Do these look green and brown to you?

So on to the wrapping and rolling to construct my panda bread.  I already no this is failure due to the fact of this LIE about dyeing the balls with organic matter.

Panda Bread Attempt #1

So here she is, the beautiful tranquil panda bread.  Just kidding, who am I to lie.  This looks like the Quasimodo of panda bears.  I will move on but lessons learned are:

#1  Use actual food dyes. You know the ones  full of chemicals, that the hippie parents won’t let their kids near.

#2 I think the first panda bread  was constructed with rice flour and that is why the face is so white.

#3 Position, position, position.  Position my eyes so they are smaller

#4 Never give up….Oh you cheeky Japanese person that made this bread, so that many could fail.  I will have my revenge on you and the damn Panda!

Time served in Philadelphia to date:      0 Months 13 days 5 hours and 25 minutes 10 seconds

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One thought on “Panda Bread 1- Melisa 0

  1. Kim

    This is awesome ! I enjoy reading what you are getting yourself into! Xo

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