The snow owl

I went to an interesting estate sale last week.  If you were looking for kitschy 1960 themed animal things, this was the jackpot. I couldn’t pass up this ugly ceramic owl with scholarly glasses. But wait he also had clear glass eyeballs and a candle attached to the back so his eyes would glow when lit.  So 25 cents later I was the proud parent of this avian.


Professor Owl

I popped the eyes out of  the owls  head. Which ended up being a little more disturbing then I would have thought. I then sprayed four coats of spray paint on this little guy.  I know four coats is a little much, but I was too lazy to wipe all the dust off before I started to spray, so I had to go hardcore to cover it all up

The neighbor outside told me I had the whitest owl, he had ever seen.  I said “Well it’s a snow owl.”

Snow Owl

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