Shades of Grey-

I heard that the Harvard crowd calls carpets, rugs.  They also refer to curtains as drapes.  I didn’t go to Harvard, and I’m pretty sure I don’t know anyone that went to Harvard but how sophisticated!

I’ve been wanting to paint a rug for a long time.  I’ve been eyeing the  chevron rug from west elm.  For the not fun price tag of $279 divided by the boredom of sitting at the crashpad equals my next project.

West Elm “Zig Zag” rug

Ikea in South Philadelphia beckoned me, I bought the ERSLEV white rug there.    I also stopped by the Home Depot to grab some tape and paint. I chose whatever small can of latex paint that had been returned as my color.  So for $6.50 I bought some shade of grey (not like the book ladies).  My mom claims that grey is the new “gay” color.  So hopefully it will be trendy and stylish.

45 minutes later

So I began to tape and tape and tape and tape………

2 hours later…holy crap what have I done?

I decided today during Crossfit, that I needed to purchase knee pads.  Apparently there is a lot of timed events that involve me diving to the floor.  Knee pads would have been perfect  for my rug  project today!

I’ve got to find some knee pads

I think this is around 3 hours… I could use a back massage at this time!

I finally finished!  My back hurts, my knees hurt, and I am kind of apprehensive of what I just got myself into. It crossed my mind to just leave the green tape on the rug. It  actual looks pretty good that way.  However, I bought paint and I’m too lazy to return that. So I mixed and equal amount of fabric medium with latex paint and off I went.

All slathered up in paint….

After I was finished painting it dawned on me that I should have not started this project in the heavy traffic area of the crashpad.  I’m really asking for one of my roommates to come in at midnight tonight and track paint through the house. We will file this project under “shit to do while the lady who runs the crashpad is gone”.  I’m pretty sure that she would freak out right now.

Well we will give it a night to dry…. Wish me luck in the morning, because if  the paint leaked under the tape I may lose it.

Stay tuned for the follow up!

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3 thoughts on “Shades of Grey-

  1. Jodi

    Can’t wait to see the final product!

  2. L Taint

    Love it!!!! Although nothing can touch the flying pig or the diorama!!! Miss you!! Can’t wait to see the results!!!

  3. It came out amazing! Did you get the paint out of the rug? Were the other crash-paders home?

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