Global proportions

I have always had a love for globes and maps. When I was younger I use to spin the globe downstairs in my grandmother’s house and imagine all the wonderful places that I could visit.   Last month I found a globe for $5 at a garage sale.  It was all mine, I even fought some Asian guy for it.  He had snagged the violin that I wanted so I didn’t feel too bad.

So for the last two years I’ve been drooling over these globes from ImagineNation.  The price tag of $350-$450 dollars/globe  is insane.  Apparently she sales a lot of them, so maybe I should get into the globe art business. I know that I can do something similar.

Bon Voyage for $450

World Peace for $450

Well enter my globe that I got at the garage sale.  Unfortunately when I got it home I realized that my globe was kind of faded.  And perhaps doing the global art above on a faded globe wasn’t the  best idea.

The garage sale score… A little faded 😦

So I went to Plan B… the classic chalkboard globe.   A trip to Michaels,  which by the way there aren’t many craft stores in Philadelphia.  I grew up in Utah and your are obligated by city code to have three Mormon church’s and one craft store in ever neighborhood!  Any ways where was I… a trip to Michael’s later and a lot of shelf searching I finally found some chalk paint.

Almost complete

I was impressed that I had painted the globe so well with my sponge brush that I really thought about leaving the globe this way with the water painted black.  After much soul searching I pressed on, you only live once, and continued to desecrate the globe with more green chalk paint.

Finished product

I’ve seen a lot of chalkboard paint globes in my life time.  However this happens to be the best (in my opinion) one I have seen. I just need to go to the store find some chalk ,so I can write something cheeky like “you are here” on it.

Quick update on the rug/carpet:

Item #1   Carpet came up clean without the land lady seeing it. Phew

Item #2    She hate’s the rug that I painted… Hates not even a good word.  I believe that she dry heaved in her mouth when she saw it.   Okay, so chevron painted rugs aren’t for everyone, but come on!  We are in a crashpad with couches so old that they are covered in sheets.  There is not one picture hanging up.  I think it makes the place less institutionalized and depressing. Did I mention that she was really really mad?



What do you guys think?

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