My leprechaun hand

Well after the debacle with the crash pad owner last week (the rug fiasco) I decided to take it down a notch and give her a chance to breath.  So I chose a project that was less offensive…. Panda Bread take two.

Panda Bread Attempt #1

As you may have remembered I attempted to make the Panda Bread but failed due to the organic dyeing compounds I used.  This time I brought the game face and purchased real food dye.

No Matcha green tea powder and cocoa powder this time

The whole concept of kneading the dough with the food color is still weird to me.  It really didn’t blend as well as I had hoped again.

Green and Black?

I did however manage to dye my hand green like a leprechaun. I hope I don’t get called on a trip like this.

Where’s my pot of gold?

After an hour I let the dough rise and did the Japanese ritual of braiding your panda bread.

Trying to make this thing look like a panda

I’m pretty happy with the outcome of this.  I could have made the panda look better, however  I’m still the proud mother of this bear.  On a side note the bread wasn’t as moist and delicious as the one I made last time. HMMM

Getting better at this

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