Pole Dancing- in midsummer

Today was super busy. I ran 8.5 miles with the Philadelphia running group around boathouse row and the Schulylkill river (still don’t know how to pronounce that).


Boathouse Row along that river I can’t pronounce

Then I  made a blunder and scheduled crossfit 30 minutes after the run.  We did something called rack walks where we hoist heavy kettle balls up and walked 1/2 mile with it.  I thought that this exercise was going to be a cake walk.  I found out after walking 100 feet that I had severely underestimated the rack walk.  It took me 13 minutes 6 seconds to walk 1/2 mile, yikes!  I got all crazy and had to keep talking to myself out loud so I wouldn’t give up.

Example of the Rack walk..kettle balls are deceptive and really heavy. This guy has 53lbs (24kg) a side.

After the “fun” crossfit session I went home to prepare for the main event, The Swedish Historical Society of Philadelphia’s Midsummer Festival.  This old Pagan tradition celebrates the Summer Solsitice every year in hopes of a good crops and fertile ground.  Traditionally Swedish people adorns wreaths of fresh cut flowers around their head and dance around a maypole.  I could have put a better effort in and made a fresh wreath but I went with a felt flower kit that I got as a craft project.

Fresh flowers and vines adorning the May pole.

Cut felt petals plus a little string

The finished products glued on with buttons

I then found out when I got to the festival that you could purchase a wreath of fresh cut flowers. Oh well! Think of all the money I can spend on Swedish food now.

Wreath table

I purchased something called a Smorgastrata for dinner.  The nice Swedish lady explained that basically it was a sandwich cake.  Swedes make it for party’s because it fast, easy to serve, and good!

No Swedish meatballs here

This smorgastrata had salmon pate with shrimp and egg salad layered in with white bread. I am totally going to have figure out how to make these.


I looked up a recipe online,  for a Smorgastrata sandwich cake, WOW!


The celebration ended with music, singing Swedish folk songs and dancing around the May Pole.


I love the cute old man I danced next to. Never too old to celebrate the Solstice!

Cute little girl dancing with her father

What a great way to say hello to the summer!

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2 thoughts on “Pole Dancing- in midsummer

  1. Corrina Colgan

    I love the smell of fresh flowers that is why i always keep them at home in a flower vase. I usually buy them by the dozens. :’;:’ – Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Shawna craft

    Love your blog!! It’s halarious and informational.. Making the most of your time in phl! Good for you!

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