You’ll want me on your team during the Apocalpyse!

I need to occupy the living room!  It’s my only survival tool while I’m here.   For the last three days I’ve been stuck in the crashpad with an older man I will call  “The Captain”. The Captain has been occupying the living room with the T.V. for the last three days dominating the remote, and it’s just not fair. 

You see Captain has his own t.v. (with 500 channels) in his bedroom,  including a  window a/c unit.  My room has neither T.V.  nor an air conditioning unit, which during the heat wave this week has made my room in the  high 80”s.  So the only cool place for me to hang out is in the living room with him.

So this morning I woke up and decided that I couldn’t go for a run, because by the time I came back he would be up and drinking coffee and I would have lost control of the living room.  So I’m currently occupying the living room, and I will not leave my post.  Victory is mine today!  The Captain has retreated to his room, watching t.v.,  and the earth is balanced again.

Victory is sweet!

While I’m wasting time with my sit-in demonstration I decided to finish the bow and arrow project.  I’ve wanted to make a bow and arrow since I went to the Scottish games a few months ago and watched the archery competition.   I collected wood a few weeks ago and I finally found some kite string to use.

The Bow

Please don’t snap

The key to making a good arrow is finding to find a straight peice of wood.  I then attached plastic fins to the back of the stick to help with directional control. I made the fins out of a plastic milk carton.

Skim milk cartons work the best.

My stick wasn’t that straight so I had to use my engineering skills to make the fins longer on some sides to counter act the bend.  Did I mention that I’m an Aeronautical Scientist according to my $100,000 degree.  I trained hard for four years to accomplish this arrow.

Secured on with super glue. If I was in the forest I would have used tree sap.

Ladies and Gentleman… the final product

I’ll keep you alive during the apocalypse

I need a test run —->

No one has called the cops, yet!

Okay, so apparently my $100,000 degree failed me.  The arrow needs to be double the length, but I’m all out of milk cartons so I will have to wait until next week to finish this one out.  Well, time to watch more t.v. while I occupy the living room at the crashpad.

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