Someone trusted me with an exacto knife

I am fascinated by maps!   There is an awesome map store in Meyers Park Charlotte ironically named “The Map Shop”.  You queen city folks probably have driven past this store and never stopped.  However, I suggest that you make a trip to the store!  I guarantee that you will spend a good 30 minutes looking at all the amazing maps that they have.

1500 E. Morehead St, Charlotte NC

The other day I found a posting on  for some hand cut maps of a few major cities.  They were beautiful, however they were $1200!!!

A Washington DC map

I figured I had nothing to do at the crashpad so I invested in an exacto knife from the local Staples store and a legal pad of paper to cut my map on. I found a few maps via Google and had the nice lady at the copy center assisted me in doing a reverse blow up on a legal sized paper.

** It’s important to print the map backwards FYI**

Maps, maps, and more maps

I ended up using the SEPTA map (the local city bus map) because it seemed the easiest to locate streets on.

This ain’t so bad!

Things starting getting hard so more then a few Philly streets got accidentally cut.  Not a 100% accurate map, but freaking close enough.  As an added bonus when you cut the street blocks you get free confetti!

My $5 map of Philadelphia

This was a great thing to do while it has been in the 100’s outside and humid.  All I have to do is make a trip to the craft store and find a frame  and mat board and I’ll be ready to rock!

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