Eyes wide shut

If I had to pick a movie title for my photogenic self it would be the creepy movie “Eyes Wide Shut.”

Eyes Wide Shut  has  Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in it. They both spend a good portion of the movie naked wearing creepy mask.  There is so much nudity in the film that I can’t even post a picture on here without being marked as a porn.

All right that is a bad photo shop.. I tried to take a black and white photo and make it color. But you get the point, right. I always have my eye closed!

Almost every picture that I take has my eyes shut. I blame this on some kind of genetic mutation that my parents passed on to me. It’s a trying task to take a family photo and get everyone to open their eyes.

A few examples

The other day I had it.  I went to Independence Hall to hear them commemorate the Declaration of Independence and had another wonderful photo-op ruined.

Eyes are closed

I had a eureka moment where I would Photoshop eyes on me to salvage the photo!

I first googled the word “eyes” to find a pair that I liked.

Cut and paste

You then must reduce opacity to line up the eyes where mine should have been.

A little freaky, I know

Your best bet is to then select hue/saturation to blend the eyes with the face. I also use the erase function to clean up a little better.

Believe me it looks better further away!

I Introduce to you the finished project…..

Eyes wide open!

And for further comparison the before and after…. A little possessed looking, but I am wearing someone else’s eyes!


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