Maybe not so fashionable jewlery

I was in Urban Outfitters the other day and appreciated the rope necklace, but didn’t appreciate the price tag of $68.  It’s a rope for god sakes with 6 cheap rings placed on it,  that I could  purchase from a 25cent machine at the grocery store!

Rope necklace

So I promised myself I would make a trip to the craft store here and make one.  As I have a stated before the great people of Philadelphia obviously don’t craft due to the lack of craft stores.  I spent forever in the store trying to locate anything that would work for my necklace project and failed.

So I moved on to a Pintrest necklace I had seen earlier in the day. Involving washers and a ribbon, which is about all my craft store carries.

Pintrest fun

The craft store by me sucks so bad I only had about 4 color options for the ribbon size I needed (I used 5/8 ribbon).  At least Home Depot had twenty options for washer sizes.  I chose the old 3/8″ washers.

I should be a product model

Watch out I’m on fire

I want to point out that at 6:03pm I brushed my hair for the first time today to take the photos above.

Well while I was at Hardware store buying the washers I checked out the rope selections. It dawned on me that perhaps taking the rope and putting it around my neck to check for the correct size could be alarming for the other shoppers.

Looks like this one will work except it is a bit shiny

I will have to keep searching for a better craft stores in the Philadelphia area so I can complete the rope necklace project.

more rope necklace nonsense

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One thought on “Maybe not so fashionable jewlery

  1. Okay, you had me cracking up about the trying the rope around your neck….I am always doing crazy stuff like that in different stores. Hilarious. But, it usually involves my children. I love the washer necklace! Awesome. Have you seen the painted washer necklaces? Those are pretty, too.

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