Best Birthday Present

I’m officially the caboose. The last pilot on the seniority list

Yeah there is a monocle attached to the vest and I have to blow a train whistle to start class

Today, I turn (gulp) 32,  and I couldn’t ask for a better birthday.   I sit today in indoctrination class at major cargo company, a dream I never in a million years dreamed would happen to me.  Cargo was my dream job for a long time and apparently not being an astronaut or a navy top gun pilot was a huge barrier for me getting an interview here.  As if getting the interview invite  wasn’t a big enough hurdle but passing the test, sim ride, and interview was all together the toughest thing I have ever done.

I can’t make this up… Are you an astronaut?

I’m sure any pilot can agree that getting their dream  job isn’t easy and signify’s all the hard work you have put into aviation (and a lot of luck).  Let me give you my drama filled aviation career synopsis.

  1. Fell in love with flying after my first flight at age 15
  2. Then gave $100,000 to Embry Riddle (take all of your money) University to get a degree and my flight ratings
  3. Graduated college after one of the worst terrorist events our nation has seen which destroyed the aviation sector for the last 12 years
  4. Flew good and  bad aviation jobs here and there for barely any money. Some example below

a. First job flying cargo I made $9 per flight hr.  However you were gone 12 hours a days but only flew 3-4 hours.  So for 12 hours of  work I was making $27 /day. No health insurance

b.  Flight instruction I made $15-20/hr.  Again only when you are flying do you get paid.  It cost me $20 a day in tolls and gas to get to the airport.  I was there everyday for 12 hours but sadly only had 2-3  lessons a day.  So I took home $20-$40 a day.   No health insurance and I only took one day off a month.  Worked a shift on my evenings off and one day off a month at  Abercrombie and Fitch just to get $25 more dollars.

c. Flew planes in the Grand Canyon. Loved the job only got paid $9 per flight hour.  No health insurance.

Evidence #1 This was a full time flying job. Paychecks paid bi-weekly. I made $149 and $374 respectively.

d.  Got hired at a regional made an awesome $17,000 on first year pay.  Finally got health insurance.  I was so happy to afford food and be able pay my phone bill finally two years after leaving college!

5.  Got hired at a major airline.  I took a 60% cut in pay to go to this job and it was worth every penny.  I loved this job, the people I worked with, the company, the airplane the whole she bang

6. Got hired at a cargo company where hopefully the pilots are just as great and the pay is tremendously better!

I’m only telling you this because I want people to know to never give up.  Hopefully all your hard work will pay off one day and you can reap those benefits and finally live out your dream job.

Well I have all these books to study (plus more), so no crafting for a while 🙂

Lots of stuff to learn

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2 thoughts on “Best Birthday Present

  1. Oh, I am so happy for you!! Happy birthday.

  2. danny

    Good story!

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