Merry x-mas, you get my crappy homemade present

I’ve been really sweating finances lately.  My husband and I both took a 60 percent pay cut last year to move on with our career trajectory in hope that things will be better for us 5-8 years from now.

Yeah, that last sentence  shouldn’t make any sense to you unless you’re a pilot.  It’s part of the 50 dumb things you have to put up with in our career field.

In any case we’ve been burning through cash fast and I’m sure you all have had that moment where everything breaks at once.  That’s where I am right now.  A few months ago my 5-year-old A/C broke and $1700 later it was fixed, I paid about $1800 to interview for my “dream job”, and last week I had the pleasure of spending $2000 in less than 6 days to pay incidental expense associated with my new job.  Needless to say I’m out of cash and basically just spent 3.5 months of future wages.

So thank God Christmas is less than a month away, not!

I remember coming home when I was younger with ugly homemade Christmas ornaments that my parents graciously said were wonderful to save face.  You know what I mean. Those ugly pipe cleaner ornaments you made in kindergarten and the stupid traced hands decorated as a Christmas tree.

Guilty, we’ve all made these and your parents lied to you and said they were wonderful

Well with that in mind I’m hoping that my lovely family and friends will lie to me and save face when the receive these ornaments as gifts this year.

I purchased plastic ornaments from Michaels for $1.40 (Black Friday sale) and then gathered toys from my local Party Store to create my winter wonderland diorama ornaments.

I first started by cutting a hole in my plastic ornament to make a window.

I didn’t cut myself doing this!

I then spray painted a white paint inside and out to make a quick base layer so the acrylic paint would adhere better.  You can see that I chose to hold it with my fingers while I spray painted to receive a dual purpose manicure.

French tip manicure, please!

I then painted with acrylic paint and a sponge brush inside and out. I did about 2-3 layers to get the right transparency.

This was the 3rd layer of paint

I used a clear modge podge to give it a shiny transparency over it. All though I’m sure you could spray paint a clear spray finish for the lazy ones.

As those ornaments were drying I embarked on a winter snow globe type of ornament.  This was kind of a pain in the butt.  I had to use chopsticks and a meat thermometer to position the animal on the subfloor with a glue gun.

Here’s a few of the finished ones.

The island of misfit toy lineup

Well I have some of the presents complete. Now I got to think of the supplemental gem to go along with these.

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2 thoughts on “Merry x-mas, you get my crappy homemade present

  1. sarahekushner

    I gotta say, I really love the pirate fighting the giant ant. I think these are pretty cool 🙂

  2. It might just be me, but I’ve always loved homemade ornaments. They’re way more personal 🙂

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