My Oprah-ish Favorite Things for Christmas Gift Giving Guide #1

I dislike shopping for Christmas presents because everyone in my family always seems to not be able to tell me what they want.  So I am a pro at getting people Christmas gifts that they don’t want or need.

So like Oprah here is my list of favorite Christmas Gifts to give your husband/brother/ boyfriend/pool boy.

#1 Touchschreen smart phone gloves-

Smart phone gloves!

This was my smart well thought of gift that almost everyone got last year. It’s a must for anyone who lives in a cold climate and owns a smartphone. Unfortunately for me last year was one of the warmest winters the East Coast had seen, so I’m sure no one used their gloves.  I’m going to even guess that they forgot they own these gloves a year later.

#2  Whiskey Stones

Whisky Soap Stones

Perfect for the man in  your life that likes his drink on the rocks.  Freeze these bad boys in the freezer and drop them in your drink to give you a non-watered down drink.

#3  A notebook

Don’t shoot!

The company also makes awesome books that are a hunting knife and a grenade.  Shop here to purchase!

#4 Remote control helicopter

It doesn’t matter what his age is!  Every guy loves these toys!

#5 Hydra Luxe Gel memory pillow.

Keeping things cool

I’m not sure why guys overheat when they sleep, or I guess I’m not sure why I am  an icicle. In any case this pillow is highly recommend by Bethany Frankel, yeah that skinny bitchy from Real Housewives. Costco seems to have the cheapest ones so purchase here. It also looked like Tuesday Morning was going to have them on their next sale but I’m not sure if the brand is the same (they were $10 less than Costco)

#6 T-shirt- you can’t go wrong with these!

ASke me about my T-rex

 Buy here

Does anyone even know anyone this smart?

Purchase this winning present here!

I’m excited for the Zombie Apocalypse

Guilty, I’m excited. Purchase here

Dress up fancy!

My brother owns this gem and says he gets a lot of compliments! Buy here  They also have awesome shirts for kids, and women!

#7 Beard Hat

Great Idear

So if you happen to be crafty enough to know how to crochet or knit you can purchase patterns for $5-10 dollars on etsy.  I’m not, but you can shop around etsy to find a whole bunch of these. I personally think they are very practical because when it’s cold you would want your face covered.   Purchase on  etsy here. I’m sure you can search around to find cheaper ones

Happy shopping, remember it’s the thought that counts 🙂  Stay tune for my next post on great gifts for your Women, runners, cooks, and the random people!

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One thought on “My Oprah-ish Favorite Things for Christmas Gift Giving Guide #1

  1. Melissa

    I actually bought those whiskey stones for Nathaniel…shhh, don’t tell! 😉

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