My Oprah-ish Holiday Gift Giving Guide part deux

This list is for the desperate not sure what to give them and Christmas is getting closer list!  Read on to find gifts for the Chef and the Runner.

For the chef/cook

#1 Molecular cooking/drinking kit

This is a mojito.! You’ve got the rum and mint!

This is for the chef that is up for a challenge of making a molecular food or drink.  Try making Tzatziki sauce pearls, suspended mojitos, and beat foam  Purchase here

#2 Pot/pan spoon holder


If you or a loved one doesn’t own one of these YOU MUST BUY ONE!  This is the only clean sanitary way to stir your cooking.  Its’ my favorite thing in my kitchen.  Purchase just about any where MACY’s, World Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon

#3 Silicone pot holder and trivet

Silicone hot pad and or trivet

Oven Mitt

Welcome to 2012, if you are still using cloth type oven

wear including pan holders and oven mitts time to

upgrade.  Silicone is easier to clean, more sanitary,

water proof, and heat resistant up to 425 F

#4 The Herb Saver

Save your money, by saving your herbs!

My Aunt swears she can save her expensive bought herbs for at least 2-3 weeks with this.  You can purchase them at several places here is the link to Crate and Barrel

#5 The oil misto

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

You are able to put what ever oil you like into these.  A great way to lightly mist your salads and spray pans instead of using cooking spray (I still love using Pam)!  A must for ever household. You can find these in almost every store for $10

Things for the runner..

#1   A runners ID TAG

The most important thing you can buy anyone that runs!  I blogged about this a few months ago check here to hear my PSA.  You can purchase these bad boys at almost any pet store! They can tie directly on to a running shoe.

A great present

#2  Running is a Privilege T-shirt

What a great motivational shirt to buy your runner.  This is inspiration to go run when you are starting to get lazy.

#3  Running shorts- LULU lemon

My Favorite

So, these are expensive but I heart them .  They are made out of recycled material.  They last FOREVER.  They have tons of hidden pockets for your gear, goo gel, credit cards, and keys.  These kind of run small to give you a heads up (or maybe my butt is extra big). I’m usually a size 0-2 in clothes and I find a size 4-6 fits good here.  Purchase these here.  Anything from this company is awesome.

#4 Best sports bra

style 1050

Good sport bras are hard to find!  I found this sports bra 7 years ago and it’s the only type I will buy.  You have to purchase the champion style 1050 (not the champion ones from target).  Call this an insurance policy for non-sagging breast in 10 years for your x-mas shopping list.   I think they run large so I always purchase down a cup size from what I usually wear FYI.  You can purchase these here!

#5 Men and Women’s running bling


26.2 (I think)

Endure- That’s what races are about!

Purchase these things and more through here!

Happy Shopping!  Stay tuned for more things to give the lady and random people in your life!

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