Cake Flour

When you live in a crashpad it’s not recommended that you borrow (steal) your roommates food or beer.  I however decided I was exempt from this rule with disastorous results.I knew there was flour and sugar hanging out in a big tub underneath the counter.  Having eyed my roommates for any hint of baking skills I quickly wrote them off as ever using the flour.

I went to the grocery store and purchased my cheddar cheese, rosemary, and lemon zest for my bread passing on purchasing flour.

As I mixed the ingredients I had this bad feeling that I was not actually cooking with all purpose flour  but with a cake flour.   I pressed  on cutting the rosemary and zesting lemons into the mix.  The recipe calls for 12-18 hours of proofing (that’s baking talk for letting the yeast rise), during this time I managed to play two games of laser tag, visit the gym, and sleep.

This morning I was pissed.  My bread dough feels like really dry cake and didn’t rise.  I still threw it in the oven, just in case I invented the next bagel or something.

This doesn't resemble bread at all.

This doesn’t resemble bread at all.

So, I have moved on to batch #2.  Not learning from my mistakes I found a bag of expired flour (2008 was the expiration) that doesn’t belong to me.  I mixed my ingredients back together. I’m a little mad that this batch will not have lemon zest (I ran out).

Batch #2 with expired flour.

Batch #2 with expired flour.

Cake Flour  VS. All Purpose Flour

Let’s learn about the difference between cake flour and regular flour while I’m waiting another 12-18 hours for the bread to rise.

Cake flour lacks some of the protein (think gluten) that regular flour has.  Gluten as we all know is apparently the devil to 80% of America right now.  I enjoy gluten, and can’t imagine life without.   Gluten is the protein that binds the bread together, the stickiness that helps it rise.  Cake flour feels lighter to me almost silky like a mix of corn starch with the flour.

Batch #1

Batch #1

So this is batch #1 after being baked. Notice how lumpy and un-bread like this is. Cake Flour being finer and having less protein can’t rise like regular dough.

Batch #2

Batch #2

Batch #2 turned out a little flat.  But that was only due to the fact that I let it rise in a large pot.  Had I kept it in a smaller pan it would have been more dense.  Still this was very easy and the recipe I used had various ingredients you could add.    For example: Cranberry orange, almond bread and Guyere cheese lemon rosemary bread. Yummy

Here is the link if you get bored.

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