Today is dedicated to the letter “K”

So Easter came and flew by.  I was able to craft on the road and made some semi sacri-religious cards to mail out to the family.

Easter Cards DIY

Easter Cards DIY


I’ve been hauling an empty cardboard wine box I picked up a long time ago from Philadelphia to make craft projects in my car.  I finally got motivated and started to get crafty with it.

Armed with cheap yarn and a new glue gun I started my letter project.

First take the cardboard insert inside the wine box out. I found this is the best thing to use for this project because it’s already cut to the correct size.  I just make a rough cut with scissors down the center of each one to make them more narrow.


Then I cut the pieces in half and connected them together to form a letter.  I chose “L” the other day as a trial run for no reason other than it’s an easy letter.  So today I went big and chose the letter “K”

using a hot glue gun to fasten together

using a hot glue gun to fasten together

I had this epiphany the other day that I never buy anything unless it’s on sale. Anybody else have that problem?  So I found some cheap yarn at Michael’s that I wrapped the “K” with.

The completed naked "k"

The completed naked “k”

After a little mid-day drinking and some Netflix-ing of the series “Weed” I present to you an hour into the project… What the heck!?!


A tad bit more tedious the letter “K” is!

Well the letter “K” is a little tricky because you can’t wrap it care freely like the letter “L” so there was a lot more cutting of the yarn and gluing going on here.

After what seemed like a waste of an afternoon and like seven episodes of Weed later, I present the final project.


K to the L… Maybe someday I will finish my last name.

I know you are asking what would I do with this crap.  KaBam! I got you covered.

Awesome, blends in

Awesome, blends in so well with your decor

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