My Secret Labryinth

Berkley Hills

Berkley Hills

Its believed labyrinths were invented by the Greek’s to hold the Minotaur. Now a days labyrinths are used for meditation and reflection. I found my hidden labyrinth in the volcanic hills near Berkley California.


Life is hard for anyone. Sometimes you may struggle with decisions that you have made or no matter how hard you have worked life gives you irony that is hard to swallow. That is why this labyrinth was so important to me. It cleared my mind and got my in touch with moving on.


My labyrinth was hidden down a rocky steep path decorated with Buddhist prayer flags.  I was alone and isolated. As the sunset I entered my labyrinth.  You enter the labyrinth with the goal to reach the center.  As you slowly walk the maze you clear your mind.

You have faith the path will lead you to the center but at times it bends and curves. You end up getting further away from the center doubting your path is on the right direction and thinking you have made a mistake, just like in life.

The center (the goal) is always insight.

The center (the goal) is always insight.

Just as you begin doubting what path you are on the trail brings you back towards the center of the labyrinth restoring your faith in the goal and the decisions you have made.

Finally I reach the center, content that I finally made it! In the center people have shared important things, left notes of deep reflection. Most importantly they left their fears behind and their goals in the center.

The center

The center

It’s important to remember that life is like the labyrinth.  Sometimes we may not understand where the path in life is leading us but it is important to have faith that the path will always be part of our journey, leading us back to the center.

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