My Secret Labryinth

Berkley Hills

Berkley Hills

Its believed labyrinths were invented by the Greek’s to hold the Minotaur. Now a days labyrinths are used for meditation and reflection. I found my hidden labyrinth in the volcanic hills near Berkley California.


Life is hard for anyone. Sometimes you may struggle with decisions that you have made or no matter how hard you have worked life gives you irony that is hard to swallow. That is why this labyrinth was so important to me. It cleared my mind and got my in touch with moving on.


My labyrinth was hidden down a rocky steep path decorated with Buddhist prayer flags.  I was alone and isolated. As the sunset I entered my labyrinth.  You enter the labyrinth with the goal to reach the center.  As you slowly walk the maze you clear your mind.

You have faith the path will lead you to the center but at times it bends and curves. You end up getting further away from the center doubting your path is on the right direction and thinking you have made a mistake, just like in life.

The center (the goal) is always insight.

The center (the goal) is always insight.

Just as you begin doubting what path you are on the trail brings you back towards the center of the labyrinth restoring your faith in the goal and the decisions you have made.

Finally I reach the center, content that I finally made it! In the center people have shared important things, left notes of deep reflection. Most importantly they left their fears behind and their goals in the center.

The center

The center

It’s important to remember that life is like the labyrinth.  Sometimes we may not understand where the path in life is leading us but it is important to have faith that the path will always be part of our journey, leading us back to the center.

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Potable Water – Why I’m Lucky

It’s safe to say I have ventured around the world several times. I think I have visited over 36 countries in my travels and hundreds of cities.

My husband and I took a trip to Hong Kong and Bangkok recently.  It was during our time in Hong Kong, a city with 7 million people, the best public transportation system we have ever seen,  and sky scrappers that would put New York City to shame, that it dawned on me. Most of the world doesn’t have water that they can drink straight out of the tap.

Hong Kong, endless skyscrapers

Hong Kong, endless skyscrapers

The government in Hong Kong says the drinking water is fine leaving the water treatment facility, but they can’t guarantee that it’s potable when it gets to your house.  After doing research we learned most locals boil their water before drinking. Apparently we were suppose to wash our dishes during dim sum with the boiling water they brought us.  We had already poured tea in our cup.  The lady from the table over made us dump it out and told us “eww dirty dirty.”  I wonder what she thinks of the street food we ate for dinner the night before?

It comes at a shock that in most of China the water must be boiled.  As  American’s we know not to drink the water in obvious places like Mexico and South America.  But you must add Asia to the list, (albeit Japan, South Korea, and Singapore).  It sounds like most locals in Russia also boil their water before they drink.  I’ve drank the water in Eastern and Western Europe and lived.  Including some Balkans states, and survived.  LET ME BREAK IT DOWN:

United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Argentina.

There that’s it! * These are the only places in the whole entire world that you can safely drink your tap water.

So, I bring this up because I feel lucky!  I’m so thankful that I can brush my teeth with tap water, take a shower with out worrying that I will get sick from some dripping in my mouth.  I’m glad I can make ice without having to boil then cool it down.

We travel to see the world, enjoy the culture, and taste the world.  However, we always end up with a better respect for how lucky we were to be born in the United States.  Plenty of air conditioning, heat, food so plentiful  that 35.7% of American’s are obese, cars galore, low unemployment, education, and equal opportunity.

*Of course that’s not all the countries, but that sums it up pretty good.

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Drunk Crafting and the world is your oyster

You should always Craft.  You should and shouldn’t do it drunk depending on how sharp your crafting tools are to the tequila shot ratio! Mas Importante!

Have you seen drunk cooking on youtube?  Well she rocks and I can relate!

Please relate yourself by selecting the link. Jar-garita anyone?

Back to myself!  I was kindly crafting my pottery barn tile I purchased for $1.87, when out of the blue I was stricken with unfortunate news.  It went something like this:

” Hello this is scheduling and we are going to mess with your life. You thought you were going home Friday but due to some unknown circumstance you will be going home Saturday.”

Oh forget me, I have no life.  Don’t worry about me, I have been on reserve for 8 years and expect this crap by now.

For example:

Scheduling :  “I’m sorry Captain you can’t have Friday off for your own wedding”

ME :               “But, I have been planning this for almost a year!
Scheduling :     “Are you refusing to fly?”

ME:                 “Are you kidding me? Oh My God you’re not!”

That’s been my life for 8 years. It’s been awesome! Go become a pilot kids!

So back to the real story.

THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER: I don’t know what it means, but I love the idea.

Something so gross can either mean your life has the chance of becoming a pearl or becoming dashed with cocktail sauce and horseradish slippery and raw consumed in one swallow.

Whatever it means I want it hanging in my house.  The United States use to represent hard work and you could achieve anything.  Now, its like this quote.  It’s and 80 percent chance my hard work will equate to being eaten with horseradish in a slurp the 20 percent chance is it may bring me a pearl.

I’m still hanging onto the 20 percent chance that it becomes a pearl and I will never give that up.  I will work harder to fix that. I will educate and strengthen my resume to get out of my position. I will sacrifice!

Oh so I was crafting:


My $1.87 score from pottery barn.. This was $70.

I bought a paint pen and straight acrylic paint for the fabric.   I enlarged the words and traced them onto my canvas, then filling it in with paint.

Filing in the outline

Filing in the outline

Somewhere around here I got the call from scheduling, and I decide to commit to drunk crafting.  Things were going great



Maybe a little too great.

yeah looking good

yeah looking good




Okay things got a little squirrelly at the end… Oh well:

                                                               The World is My Oyster!

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Robbing Memphis of it’s good.

Let me not sugar coat this for anyone   I don’t like Memphis!

It’s not the worse place that I have lived (I have lived in more places than any 32 year has lived).  However Memphis does take the number two spot.

A few reedeming qualities so I am not  so doom and gloom.

#1 I like running in the Shelby Farm dog park.

#2 My gym is awesome and cost $15 a month

#3 There is an amazing  Asian Grocery store by my gym. (Why does Charlotte have the scariest Asian stores!?)

#4 You can see the sun here. I lived in Dayton Ohio for 8 months and saw the sun once.  I’m not making this up.


I’m not sure if it’s because FedEx ships here and Amazon has a shipping center here but I have discovered the store called the Bargain Hunt. It’s essentially a clearing house for returned goods from Amazon, overstock, macy’s, and some other places.  We have currently gutted and are renovating our house from the 1950’s.

So I need to brag. I found this chandelier that was $899 for $79.

My win

My win

I also have found these pendants that are $80 bucks in home depot for $18.  We are saving some serious cash here.



Then while shopping at Habitat for Humanity, I found some store called dirt cheap.  It is a clearing house for gap, target, Neiman Marcus and some high end designers for the UK.  Case and point is my $1.50 hand bag from Oscar de La Renta.

Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta

Pottery Barn outlet check. We have that.  Maybe I’m cheap or just down to earth. But purchasing what was a $700 living room table for $500’s is still crazy.  However the other day I found what was a $70 push pin tile, for $1.87.  I plan on painting and decorating this.

So yeah, Memphis you still suck but thank you for having cheap stuff.

I saw my third or fourth highway  fatality on my way to work at 3am. This is the second time I have called 911 to report these type of accidents. I’ve definitely learned people drive dangerously crazy here. The speed limit is 45mph on the freeway. I have to drive at 65mph so I don’t get killed, I’m in the slow lane.  People are driving at 90mph in the 45.

I also learned that if you get in an accident, no one is going to pull over and help you.  With the construction and how fast everyone goes it’s nearly impossible.  The second accident I saw I really wanted to pull over and back up the 1/2 mile.  I saw someone crawling on the side of the rode as I drove by, I was horrified.  I called 911.  My co-workers told me not to ever stop in Memphis and help someone…it’s too dangerous.  Did I mention how Memphis is the third most dangerous city in the USA. Tennessee also just got ranked the most dangerous state.  I hate this place.


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I’ve been seriously MIA

So, I’m bored and apparently that’s why I started this blog. So in theory I should have lots more post.  I’ll do a quick picture catch up to show you where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.

My 87 year old, fire cracker Grandmother came to Baltimore with my Brother. We drove up to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.

Deleware- Longwood is Amazing!

Longwood is Amazing!

I went to something called Memphis in May.  I found the second largest BBQ cook off going on.  Due to lack of food handling permits by the contestants you can only eat the food if you are a guest of the contestant.  I was lucky to make friends with some people from Charlotte who invited me in for free BBQ and beer!

Pig Sculptures

Pig Sculptures

A person being Judged.  This is very serious

A person being Judged. This is very serious

SnoutKast- Team names are important

SnoutKast- Team names are important

Work has been continuing on our house. It’s been so much work, it’s crazy. We finally moved in but it hasn’t been easy.

kitchen in progress

kitchen in progress

We didn't have countertops or any sinks when we moved in. So washing dishes outside

We didn’t have countertops or any sinks when we moved

in. So washing dishes outside

It realy sucked not having countertops when we moved in. My husband did an amazing job on the hallway bathroom. Of course we don’t have pics 😦

We matched the original hardwood floors, sanded, and then restained them to match. This really sucked.

We matched the floor to the original,

We matched the floor to the original,

I entered in some crazy diet contest. I took 13 place overall out of around 3500 entries.  My life became focused on Protein and exercise.

Killing the competition

Killing the competition and moving the same day

This is me cooking eggs on the road, and yes I hauled a frying pan and mini burner with me as I traveled. There was some serious dedication that went on.



And of course I’ve been doing a little bit of flying. The best part of my job is flying to all these amazing small cities out West.  Even if that means waking up at 2 am to do it.  After living on the East Coast for more than 16 years.,you loose perspective about how big the world is. I love the fact I can run 20 minutes outside of downtown Boise and be so isolated from everyone.  You can breath and take it all in.  Out west is God’s country!

Somewhere in Wyoming

Somewhere in Wyoming

I’m really falling in love with Montana and Idaho.  I feel so at home when I’m there!

Mountain biking in Montana.

Mountain biking in Montana.

My grandfather was born and raised in Idaho, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Boise. Man do I love running the mountain trails here!

Running in Idaho

Running in Idaho

Another ridiculous beautiful day in Montana!  I saw two Rainbow trout get caught bare handed by some kids.  Did I mention my Mountain Bike rental was free that day too!

Bog Sky Montana

Big Sky Montana

Last week was the Delta Fair (like Mississippi Delta).  Which was conveniently down the street from my crashpad!



Now, I have wanted a pet goat FOREVER.  I almost want one more than I want a dog or a baby.  But sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your job and apparently mine was to give up having a pet.  Had I known that I couldn’t ever have a dog or a pet goat with this job, I would have never in a million years become a pilot.  These are things, kids should be told before they decide they want to become a pilot.  Do you notice how much these goats love me in the picture!

Wheel of Death

Wheel of Death

I also learned at the Delta Fair that you shouldn’t volunteer for the Wheel of Death, unless you have good health insurance.  I saw another kid that was 8 years old throw knifes at his 6 year old sister during an act.  I’m not sure where child protective services was but then I realized I was on the Tennessee/Mississippi border and that this is probably normal.

Is this legal?

Is this legal?

I really wanted to ride the Ferris wheel.  I was really looking forward to that alone time at the top where I could take the views and breath some fresh air.  Seeming how it was noon on a Tuesday (school day) and no one was there it was looking good. As I sat down in the Ferris wheel some dude that worked their sat down with me. What the HECK!?!?

Uh so trying to be nice and make things less akward I said hello, and asked him what the best ride at the fair was?  He didn’t answer back, I think he didn’t speak English. I wonder if maybe the fair has a policy that single riders that look pathetically alone at a fair are required to have a chaperone. You know just in case that lonely person decides to jump or something.  So here is picture at the top.

Ferris Wheel gone wrong

Ferris Wheel gone wrong

I actually took lots of pictures up here.  Because it was really weird sitting on an totally empty Ferriswheel with some strange guy that works there, that doesn’t speak English, that was suppose to be my chaperon because I looked totally pathetic at a fair by myself.  Yeah it was that awkward and that pathetic.  Oh well, did I mention being a pilot is a great job.  A lot of alone time.

In closing I’m going to promise to be less bored and put the crafting blogging thingy to use!

Can I hear an AMEN!

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Living in the Bible Belt

I legit, live in the infamous never officially mapped Bible Belt of the South (until now).

The official bible belt map!

The official bible belt map!

In the mile leading up to my crashpad there has to be at least 6 HUGE churches. It seems to be a question that comes up a lot here. So what church do you go to? HMMMMM?!?

I’ve committed myself to visiting every church leading up to my place in an effort to answer that.

My first church I’ve decided to visit is a MEGA new age Christian church called the Stirring. Church service is promptly at 5:30pm on Sundays. I’ve had a few experience at these “type” of church’s.

Spirtual Mime

Spirtual Mime

Case and point here is a picture of a spirtiual Mime.  Yeah I can’t make this stuff up, the Bible belt has some crazy churches.

No, thanks!

I’ll pass on this church. No, thanks!

Apparently Tennessee also has lots of Pentecostal snake churches too.

Well, you know the church where people start dancing in the aisles and put their arms up in the air talking with God ? Frankly these churches scare the crap out of me and make me feel terribly uncomfortable.

I guess this isn't a normal church

I guess this isn’t a normal church

Walking inside the church has me confused. I feel like I’m at Bike Week in Daytona Beach again.  Inside is two huge coffee bars set up.  Coffee, hot chocolate, sweet iced tea (southerners will perish without this).

The place is huge!

The place is huge!

Hundreds gather outside until 5 minutes prior when the doors are open.

The church seats 5000

The church seats 5000

I initially sat near the exit hoping for an easy quick get away if things got to freaky for me. However, I made myself get up and move to the front and center so I couldn’t leave.  Church after all is about being part of  a community and I’m pretty committed to visiting every church here with out escaping.

As the lights dim they have a spirtual painter on stage (yeah I’m not sure about the painter thing) and a band.  I think some of the most talented artist in Memphis sing here.  I’m in awe and shocked. This isn’t church but a rockabilly country concert!

church or concert?

church or concert?

This has to be the coolest church I’ve ever been to.  I’m more than presently surprised. The pastor has long hair and wears cowboy boots and his sermons are more how to live our life with moral standards then anything.   How to be a better friend, wife, and mother type things.

More concert with a great message!

More concert with a great message!

I’ve got to admit I’ve gone back several times to this church!  One of the girls that sings here occasionally, was on the Voice last week (She’s on team Blake Shelton).  In fact  I think all the singers here should be signed music artist.  If this is what church is then I’m in!

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How to trust a town that doesn’t have Jeopardy


I was there, but now I’m here. Deep, very deep!

As some of you may not know, I have resigned from crafting in Philadelphia and moved on to crafting in Memphis.  As with my move to Philadelphia (I was not excited) Memphis doesn’t have the best rep.  However within  a week of being here I saw the nice parts of Memphis  and I’ve been warming up to it.

Here are some shocking fact about Memphis:

#1 No Jeopardy,  what the F%^$!  

I judge a city on when they play Jeopardy.  If they play the Wheel of Fortune before Jeopardy I usually think less of the town.  Well, I don’t have that problem in Memphis.   Memphis plays Jeopardy at 3:30pm!  The same time Maury is telling some raging whore that her sixth paternity test is negative.  WTF  Memphis, are you guys not educated enough to watch an Emmy award-winning quiz show?  Get your shit together, I’m sure Mississippi has it on at 6:30 pm before Wheel of Fortune.  Okay that got a little violent, sorry I had to vent.

#2 Memphis doesn’t have a full-time NPR station!   

National Public Radio is the best news and entertainment station in the world!   Oh how I miss hearing Michele Norris tell me the world news.  I cry for not hearing Wait Wait Don’t tell Me (this is better than John Stewart show) missing Rosetto Casper on Splendid Table, talk her way through food subjects.  I have to tune into a Mississippi radio station to hear 1 hour extra of programming when I drive.  That’s right Mississippi has more NPR than Memphis.

#3 Expect to get robbed at gun point

Everyone I work with keeps telling  me stories of fellow co-workers and family members getting robbed at gun point.  I just moved here from Philadelphia and I found this comical.

For the record:

Memphis has 17.9 murders per 100,000 people

Philadelphia has 21.2 murders per 100,000 people

With this being said, I never was told by any of my co-workers in Philadelphia that their loved ones had been mugged.  I gather that the Memphis folks just have guns and want your money but are polite enough not to kill you.  Will just call it Southern hospitality.

So, aside from the mugging, no  jeopardy, and NPR I’m learning to embrace Memphis.  This means going to Church (we are in the bible belt) and eating BBQ.

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Tour de Puerto Rico

Many moons ago I lived in a small town called Borinquen Puerto Rico.  I had a love hate relationship with the island during my stay (mostly because the living conditions were hard and we were so poor).  However looking back on my time there Puerto Rico is a magical island that has amazing things to offer.  With 3.5 days off, my husband I headed to the island for a marathon trip.



Day 1

We headed out to the El Yungue Rain Forest to do a quick hike. I convinced my husband on the way there to stop at a Kiosco and buy some pincho and Puerto Rican street food. Puerto Rican food is typically anything fried, plantains, and pork.   We must have pulled over at the sketchiest stand. The lady was burning wood in an old garbage can with a steel pot full of cooking oil.  When we ordered our empanadas and some other stuff she refried them for the second time to heat them up.  It was pretty disgusting because everything was crazy oily.  I’m really proud of my husband and I for not having to use the bathroom for the rest of the night.

Is it fried? Then it’s probably Puerto Rican food

El Yunque rain forest

After the rain forest we checked into our hotel which in a true Puerto Rican style took forever.   We hurried down to a line of Kiosoco’s and got the Puerto Rican national dish of Mofongo and pork.  After that we headed to the Bio Bay near fajardo.

Kiosco’s in Luquillo

There is only 5 Bio bays in the whole entire world and three of them are located in Puerto Rico.  Plankton in the water absorb the suns rays during the day and when they are moved in the water at night they expel the light  much like a fire fly.  This basically means that the water glows!  We took a kayak trip through the dark mangroves barely able to see the small light on the kayak in front of us.   Once we got to the bay the magic of the lagoon wowed us.  We could see large fish swimming and glowing under the water.  Everytime we moved our paddles it lit up.  This is a truly once in a life time experience that everyone should have.

Bio Bay in Laguna Grande near fajardo


I’m also happy to report back that my husband now 4-5 years together kayaked without fighting. If you have never kayaked with a loved one it’s atrue  test of your relationship.

Day 2

The next day we drove all the way across Puerto Rico headed for Rincon.  It’s known as a sleep surfing town.  We stopped at Playa las jobos to see the water hole. However the waves weren’t up enough to get the full effect.

The blow hole near playa jobos

Rincon surf on a good day… see how many people are in the water!!

By the time we got to Rincon it was getting late. We went over to Playa domes to check out the waves, rented surfboards for the next morning from some lady that clearly smoked too much weed in her adult life and drank rum punch at the calypso cafe.

We headed back to your hotel and walked on the beach to a small hotel next door that serves these famous Pirate drinks out of a coconut shell as we enjoyed the thunderstorms off the coast along the beach.

Pirate drink and storms in the background!

Day 3

We perhaps drank too much the night before at our hotel swim up bar.  However we met some great people and had way too much fun so I suppose it was worth the sluggish  morning. We headed out to a beach not realizing that a category 2 hurricane was currently over Cuba.  The waves were scary but we were determined.

Scary overhead waves… guys were getting barrels at playas domes

After a few hours of going back and forth between beaches to find a good break that we wouldn’t die on or get yelled at by locals (surfers are very territorial) we threw in the towel and gave up.  We packed up the car and drove inland towards El Rio Camuy Caves.

The cave was discovered sometime in the 1980’s and  is pretty awesome.  An underground river carved it out.  There is approximately 9 miles of the caves system hidden up in the Mountains. Our tour guide was the most boring guy ever but hey we got to see tons of bats flying around the cave so it may up for it.

Rio Camuy Caves

We were pretty pushed for time so we headed to Arecibo Observatory to the world largest satellite. You probably have seen this on a few sci-fi movies before and for any space science junky this is a must.

In Puerto Rico we couldn’t get a navigation system on our phones to work however google maps kind of worked.  I put in the direction from the El Camuy to Arecibo and it sent us on so crazy back roads that even Puerto Ricans wouldn’t drive on. I don’t think I breathed for the 20 minute drive to the observatory as we could have died at any given moment.

Arecibo Observatory

The satellite was amazing and had I not looked like hell  from swimming in the ocean and not showering I would have cherished a picture. in front of this.

We then got in the car and headed to San Juan. We pricelined our hotel using name your own price (the only way to get hotels) and scored what was a $200 dollar hotel for $70 bucks at the Hotel Hilton Caribe.  Please use a priceline cheat website next time you travel.  You are totally missing out if you don’t!

We headed to old san juan and had dinner at a cute cafe.  Im pretty over heavy unhealthy Puerto Rican food at this point.  My work schedule has been pretty bad and I haven’t worked out or ran in over 10 days, which is clearly unheard of from me.  I’m ready for a healthy cleanse when I get back to the states!

Old San Juan

Day 4.

We yelped a breakfast place in the condado that overlooked the water.  We were bummed to find out that they ran out of cooking gas so we settled with sandwich’s for breakfast. Had the view not been amazing we totally would have bailed out on this place.

Breakfast with a view

After breakfast we headed out to the hotels private beach and swam to the floating islands where I layed there like a beached whale as the husband treaded water and practiced his back stroke.

We ran back in packed, then dropped off our rental car (another puerto rican delay) and then got on the plane where we waited 40 minutes for TSA to screen bags (another typical Puerto Rican delay). Adios Puerto Rico!

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A public service announcement.

I used to work for a company called PSA.  Which is ironic that PSA also stands for a Prostate Specific Antigen test, how fitting.  But this today is a real PSA, a public service announcement!

One of the Captains I worked with gave me a really great life lesson via a family story:

His 15 year old daughter was on a morning run, when she was struck by a car going 45 mph.  She had broken her back and had 7 inches of her skull crushed, somehow she was able to tell the medics her name and her address before she blacked out. Luckily both her parents where home and they were told to drive safe but they needed to rush to the hospital.  Their daughter had flat lined twice before they got there. His daughter ended up surviving the accident and made a full recovery (a true miracle).

The moral to the story is have your name somewhere on you when you run.  Had his daughter not been able to remember her name precious moments and medical decisions would have been made without the family.  God now’s how long it would have taken for them to learn about her accident.

While running today with my running group, I noticed two of the people with name tags on their shoes.  As soon as the run was over I headed to Petsmart to ID myself.


This machine is awesome. You can watch it make the laser cut!

The guy I ran with had the dog tag to the left pictured above.  He made an additional hole in it so he could lace it to his shoes.  I chose the narrow one that didn’t need to be altered.  You will be surprised how much stuff you can fit on there! This will be a great $7.50 insurance policy that can save your life and help your family!

Straight on the Laces= Cake

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A Pintrest-ing day

So I joined Pintrest finally!  I know welcome to 2012, thank you.  Well I found a few projects on there to accomplish today.

I’ll start with the Paleo Diet conundrum that I’m in.  At the crossfit gym they have a challenge to try and eat the Paleo diet for one week.  For those who are not down with the crossfit recommended Paleo diet let me learn ya a lesson.

Paleo stands for Paleolithic era (ie caveman style).  The goal is to eat like a caveman. So only consume things you can hunt, kill, and gather.

Cavewoman style!

So no grains (bread pasta rice), sugar (but somehow honey is okay and fruit), dairy (this is debatable), and or processed stuff.  It sounds like a cholesterol fat bomb to me but whatever.

So I searched Pintrest and found a cholesterol fat bomb recipe for Blueberry Honey Coconut Cups. I’m not sure how this is going to help me lose weight, but I like the idea of eating 1/2 cup of coconut oil and 1/2 cup of coconut butter.  Here is a link to the girls website.  She is pretty funny and has some great recipes (plus she dances for you in the cooking video)

Yum Yum

Serves: 12

I halved the recipe because I have no self-control and I’m fat FYI.

Coconut Butter and Coconut Oil- There is a difference!

I first heated the blueberries with the honey in a sauce pan and let them softened.  I then added the 1/2 cup of coconut butter and 1/2 cup of coconut oil and allowed them to mix.  I decided to add the juice of a whole lemon at this point to spice things up.  Think of a blueberry lime tart flavor!

Mixing them up

I then added the cashews (I think I won’t add those next time) and then shredded coconut.  What the hell is up with the knife in the picture down below.  It reminds me of a sword from Aladdin and is pretty useless for chopping.

Arabian nights sword

I then, not very gracefully, poured the mixture into a cupcake pan and froze them for an hour.

Just one more hour!

One of our roommates came down and asked what I was cooking…hmm that’s a good question.  I’m not really sure what these things are?

The final product

Dear Lord,

When I eat all of these in one sitting tonight, please let the weight I gain from the 1/2 cup of coconut butter and oil go to my chest and not my butt and thighs.


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