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Living in the Bible Belt

I legit, live in the infamous never officially mapped Bible Belt of the South (until now).

The official bible belt map!

The official bible belt map!

In the mile leading up to my crashpad there has to be at least 6 HUGE churches. It seems to be a question that comes up a lot here. So what church do you go to? HMMMMM?!?

I’ve committed myself to visiting every church leading up to my place in an effort to answer that.

My first church I’ve decided to visit is a MEGA new age Christian church called the Stirring. Church service is promptly at 5:30pm on Sundays. I’ve had a few experience at these “type” of church’s.

Spirtual Mime

Spirtual Mime

Case and point here is a picture of a spirtiual Mime.  Yeah I can’t make this stuff up, the Bible belt has some crazy churches.

No, thanks!

I’ll pass on this church. No, thanks!

Apparently Tennessee also has lots of Pentecostal snake churches too.

Well, you know the church where people start dancing in the aisles and put their arms up in the air talking with God ? Frankly these churches scare the crap out of me and make me feel terribly uncomfortable.

I guess this isn't a normal church

I guess this isn’t a normal church

Walking inside the church has me confused. I feel like I’m at Bike Week in Daytona Beach again.  Inside is two huge coffee bars set up.  Coffee, hot chocolate, sweet iced tea (southerners will perish without this).

The place is huge!

The place is huge!

Hundreds gather outside until 5 minutes prior when the doors are open.

The church seats 5000

The church seats 5000

I initially sat near the exit hoping for an easy quick get away if things got to freaky for me. However, I made myself get up and move to the front and center so I couldn’t leave.  Church after all is about being part of  a community and I’m pretty committed to visiting every church here with out escaping.

As the lights dim they have a spirtual painter on stage (yeah I’m not sure about the painter thing) and a band.  I think some of the most talented artist in Memphis sing here.  I’m in awe and shocked. This isn’t church but a rockabilly country concert!

church or concert?

church or concert?

This has to be the coolest church I’ve ever been to.  I’m more than presently surprised. The pastor has long hair and wears cowboy boots and his sermons are more how to live our life with moral standards then anything.   How to be a better friend, wife, and mother type things.

More concert with a great message!

More concert with a great message!

I’ve got to admit I’ve gone back several times to this church!  One of the girls that sings here occasionally, was on the Voice last week (She’s on team Blake Shelton).  In fact  I think all the singers here should be signed music artist.  If this is what church is then I’m in!

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I’ll have a Burgmuller

I caught wind of an art installation scattered around University area of Philadelphia.  They gave 8 artist a blank canvas, a piano, to do what that wanted with.  The pianos are left in the parks and streets for passerby’s to play and become part of the art project.


A little Heart and Soul

I was kind of excited to hunt down these piano’s and play a song at each location. How often do you get to play the piano in a park?!?!   I chose  Burgmuller to represent my Heart & Soul.  Burg-who?

When I was in high school I stumbled upon an old piano book from a composer I wasn’t familiar with.  My mother said that it was her piano book from when she was younger.  Her piano teacher had escaped from Poland during WWII and this was the book that he taught from.

I instantly fell in love with Burgmuller!  To play his songs correctly you have to play with exact technique and a lot of emotion.   I figured that this composer would represent the theme of the art installation best.  You have to play your Heart & Soul into all of his pieces to be successful.  I chose the “Ballade” because it is fun and I don’t need to practice this one. You can hear the piece I chose at this link –  Here is the Ballade

I quickly pulled up a piece of sheet music online and went to go print it out to play from….hmmm FAIL no ink in the printer ?!?! So I got to work hand copying the notes.

Am I going to be able to read this?

My first Piano was done by the artist Thom Lessner.  When I showed up to the park two other girls where there.  They too were trying to find all the piano’s and play their chose of music, “Let it be” by the Beatles.

They are pulling up sheet music on the phones

This was the last day of the Art Installation.  So as you can see this piano saw a lot of action.  I’m sure the kids had a fun time with this one!

This piano was supposed to be a car

The next stop was a piano #2 made by Melissa Maddonni Haims.  She chose to knit her piano.

Another group of people jamming away!

Piano #3 was made by Kali Yuga Zoo Brigade.  It wins for the hardest piano to play at, however very creative. It was like the piano exploded around the seat

This even came with instruction on how to sit in this

Piano #4 was made by a graphic design artist group called “The Heads of State”

I’m not sure about this one

Piano #5 was kind of hard to find but I’m glad I kept hunting. It was by far my favorite design, plus the acoustics in that place rocked. The artist was Joe Boruchow who has wonderful pieces around the city of Philadelphia. See his blog and some of his artwork here.


Done by a stencil artist of course!

Piano #6 I stumbled upon. I ran into some other people who told me they never found this one.  This one was done by Justin Duerr, whom I assume is gay (there’s lace involved).  I received my first applause for an encore here!

This one was my second favorite!

This girl need some Botox and better sheet music

Piano #7 was done by Terry Adkins.  This piano was pretty hard to play because he painted all the keys black.  I guess mentally, as a pianist I need to see the black and white keys to find myself on the piano.

All black keys= hard

It was like the piano was blinking

Piano #8 was in a beautiful area called Drexel Park. It was a fitting location and pretty piano for my last one (artist was Thom Lessner). When I showed up a family was playing the piano and enjoying the day.

This picture exemplifies the purpose of this art project.

I was kind of proud of myself today!  I had set out last-minute to play Burgmuller with a crappy hand drawn sheet music with little expectation.  I ended up seeing  parts of Philadelphia that I fell in love with on a perfect day (73 degrees partly cloudy).  I met and heard different people play their Heart & Soul and I didn’t manage to get one parking ticket!  So I think this was a success!

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