Cake Flour

When you live in a crashpad it’s not recommended that you borrow (steal) your roommates food or beer.  I however decided I was exempt from this rule with disastorous results.I knew there was flour and sugar hanging out in a big tub underneath the counter.  Having eyed my roommates for any hint of baking skills I quickly wrote them off as ever using the flour.

I went to the grocery store and purchased my cheddar cheese, rosemary, and lemon zest for my bread passing on purchasing flour.

As I mixed the ingredients I had this bad feeling that I was not actually cooking with all purpose flour  but with a cake flour.   I pressed  on cutting the rosemary and zesting lemons into the mix.  The recipe calls for 12-18 hours of proofing (that’s baking talk for letting the yeast rise), during this time I managed to play two games of laser tag, visit the gym, and sleep.

This morning I was pissed.  My bread dough feels like really dry cake and didn’t rise.  I still threw it in the oven, just in case I invented the next bagel or something.

This doesn't resemble bread at all.

This doesn’t resemble bread at all.

So, I have moved on to batch #2.  Not learning from my mistakes I found a bag of expired flour (2008 was the expiration) that doesn’t belong to me.  I mixed my ingredients back together. I’m a little mad that this batch will not have lemon zest (I ran out).

Batch #2 with expired flour.

Batch #2 with expired flour.

Cake Flour  VS. All Purpose Flour

Let’s learn about the difference between cake flour and regular flour while I’m waiting another 12-18 hours for the bread to rise.

Cake flour lacks some of the protein (think gluten) that regular flour has.  Gluten as we all know is apparently the devil to 80% of America right now.  I enjoy gluten, and can’t imagine life without.   Gluten is the protein that binds the bread together, the stickiness that helps it rise.  Cake flour feels lighter to me almost silky like a mix of corn starch with the flour.

Batch #1

Batch #1

So this is batch #1 after being baked. Notice how lumpy and un-bread like this is. Cake Flour being finer and having less protein can’t rise like regular dough.

Batch #2

Batch #2

Batch #2 turned out a little flat.  But that was only due to the fact that I let it rise in a large pot.  Had I kept it in a smaller pan it would have been more dense.  Still this was very easy and the recipe I used had various ingredients you could add.    For example: Cranberry orange, almond bread and Guyere cheese lemon rosemary bread. Yummy

Here is the link if you get bored.

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What to buy your lady friend for Christmas!

I’m sure you have procrastinated and waited until the last-minute to buy your  ______________ (insert mother, girlfriend, wife, mistress name here) a Christmas Present. So here is some quick ideas.

#1  The LUSH bathbomb


These things are the bomb!

When I was going to school in London my male friend swore by these bathbombs made by Lush and got me hooked. His favorite bathbomb was the “Rose Queen”.

It has rose petals hidden inside that float around in your bath when they are dissolved (yes a small pain to clean up but awesome)!  You can’t go wrong with these or the bubble bars!  Order at Lush here.   Great for any lady in your life.

#2 Infinity Scarf



These scarfs are hot this year!  For those who aren’t in the loop.  This is basically a scarf sewn together (hence the name infinity scarf). This is a great present and can be found at any store or easily sewn if you are handy enough.

#3  Etsy Stamp (better move fast on this)

Address Stamp

Address Stamp

These stamps make addressing a letter easy as snapping your fingers. It will also impress anyone you write to.

You can purchase smaller ones but they take 7 days to process so act fast!  Etsy has a herd of people who make these. I prefer the self inking ones but this stamp is pretty cool.  Click here to check them out.

#3 Bigelow Lip Gloss


Any of them are great

These can be found at Bath and Body Works.  For $7.50  a pop I was a little hesitant purchasing them, but they are worth their weight in gold.  Great for dry winter lips and menthol is my favorite!

#4 Aloe Infused Spa Socks

To die for!

To die for!

I found these at Walmart after a long day of shopping in the drug section near foot stuff (think Doctor Scholl’s section)

These things are amazing after a long day of wearing high heels.  It feels like I’m walking on air.  You can purchase this brand at Walgreen also should be $5-10.  I think DR Scholl’s has a good Aloe infused brand also.

#5 Roomba

Saved my marriage

Saved my marriage

My husband loves me! In reality he was probably sick of me coming home after 5 days of being gone to dirty wood floors (my pet peeve) and bitching at him for not sweeping while I was gone.  So he got me Roomba by I-Robot, my new best friend to save our marriage.

I let this bad boy assist me in my chores and has saved me tons of time.  I can even program it to clean the house while I’m not home.  I love him (my husband and my Roomba).  This is an expensive gift but worth every penny!

#6 Books, books, and more books

Beautiful book

Beautiful book

This is one of my favorite books ever! It’s a true story written by Jeannette Walls of how she came literally from nothing (she had no food, no clothes, no support) to move away and graduate from an Ivy League school and became a success story.  This is motivational story on how your drive and dreams can take you out of  any horrid situation and reach the top.

She also wrote a follow-up book called all “Half Broke Horses” about her grandmother that was amazing. These were both New York Times bestsellers so you may need to snoop around to see if they had read them.

This was an Oprah book club book

This was an Oprah book club book

“Stolen Lives” was on Oprah’s book club list for a bit.  It’s a story of her family’s survival in a Moroccan Prison and escape.

Molakai” is a story of a girl from Hawaii sent to a leprosy colony in the 1900’s.  The author Alan Brennert, also wrote another book called “Honolulu” that was wonderful.

I’m sure everyone has read Eat Love Pray by now, but if your mother lives in a cave perhaps this is a good one for her.

The new JK Rowlings book Casual Vacancy may be a good idea.

Well good luck with the shopping!

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My Oprah-ish Holiday Gift Giving Guide part deux

This list is for the desperate not sure what to give them and Christmas is getting closer list!  Read on to find gifts for the Chef and the Runner.

For the chef/cook

#1 Molecular cooking/drinking kit

This is a mojito.! You’ve got the rum and mint!

This is for the chef that is up for a challenge of making a molecular food or drink.  Try making Tzatziki sauce pearls, suspended mojitos, and beat foam  Purchase here

#2 Pot/pan spoon holder


If you or a loved one doesn’t own one of these YOU MUST BUY ONE!  This is the only clean sanitary way to stir your cooking.  Its’ my favorite thing in my kitchen.  Purchase just about any where MACY’s, World Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon

#3 Silicone pot holder and trivet

Silicone hot pad and or trivet

Oven Mitt

Welcome to 2012, if you are still using cloth type oven

wear including pan holders and oven mitts time to

upgrade.  Silicone is easier to clean, more sanitary,

water proof, and heat resistant up to 425 F

#4 The Herb Saver

Save your money, by saving your herbs!

My Aunt swears she can save her expensive bought herbs for at least 2-3 weeks with this.  You can purchase them at several places here is the link to Crate and Barrel

#5 The oil misto

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

You are able to put what ever oil you like into these.  A great way to lightly mist your salads and spray pans instead of using cooking spray (I still love using Pam)!  A must for ever household. You can find these in almost every store for $10

Things for the runner..

#1   A runners ID TAG

The most important thing you can buy anyone that runs!  I blogged about this a few months ago check here to hear my PSA.  You can purchase these bad boys at almost any pet store! They can tie directly on to a running shoe.

A great present

#2  Running is a Privilege T-shirt

What a great motivational shirt to buy your runner.  This is inspiration to go run when you are starting to get lazy.

#3  Running shorts- LULU lemon

My Favorite

So, these are expensive but I heart them .  They are made out of recycled material.  They last FOREVER.  They have tons of hidden pockets for your gear, goo gel, credit cards, and keys.  These kind of run small to give you a heads up (or maybe my butt is extra big). I’m usually a size 0-2 in clothes and I find a size 4-6 fits good here.  Purchase these here.  Anything from this company is awesome.

#4 Best sports bra

style 1050

Good sport bras are hard to find!  I found this sports bra 7 years ago and it’s the only type I will buy.  You have to purchase the champion style 1050 (not the champion ones from target).  Call this an insurance policy for non-sagging breast in 10 years for your x-mas shopping list.   I think they run large so I always purchase down a cup size from what I usually wear FYI.  You can purchase these here!

#5 Men and Women’s running bling


26.2 (I think)

Endure- That’s what races are about!

Purchase these things and more through here!

Happy Shopping!  Stay tuned for more things to give the lady and random people in your life!

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My Oprah-ish Favorite Things for Christmas Gift Giving Guide #1

I dislike shopping for Christmas presents because everyone in my family always seems to not be able to tell me what they want.  So I am a pro at getting people Christmas gifts that they don’t want or need.

So like Oprah here is my list of favorite Christmas Gifts to give your husband/brother/ boyfriend/pool boy.

#1 Touchschreen smart phone gloves-

Smart phone gloves!

This was my smart well thought of gift that almost everyone got last year. It’s a must for anyone who lives in a cold climate and owns a smartphone. Unfortunately for me last year was one of the warmest winters the East Coast had seen, so I’m sure no one used their gloves.  I’m going to even guess that they forgot they own these gloves a year later.

#2  Whiskey Stones

Whisky Soap Stones

Perfect for the man in  your life that likes his drink on the rocks.  Freeze these bad boys in the freezer and drop them in your drink to give you a non-watered down drink.

#3  A notebook

Don’t shoot!

The company also makes awesome books that are a hunting knife and a grenade.  Shop here to purchase!

#4 Remote control helicopter

It doesn’t matter what his age is!  Every guy loves these toys!

#5 Hydra Luxe Gel memory pillow.

Keeping things cool

I’m not sure why guys overheat when they sleep, or I guess I’m not sure why I am  an icicle. In any case this pillow is highly recommend by Bethany Frankel, yeah that skinny bitchy from Real Housewives. Costco seems to have the cheapest ones so purchase here. It also looked like Tuesday Morning was going to have them on their next sale but I’m not sure if the brand is the same (they were $10 less than Costco)

#6 T-shirt- you can’t go wrong with these!

ASke me about my T-rex

 Buy here

Does anyone even know anyone this smart?

Purchase this winning present here!

I’m excited for the Zombie Apocalypse

Guilty, I’m excited. Purchase here

Dress up fancy!

My brother owns this gem and says he gets a lot of compliments! Buy here  They also have awesome shirts for kids, and women!

#7 Beard Hat

Great Idear

So if you happen to be crafty enough to know how to crochet or knit you can purchase patterns for $5-10 dollars on etsy.  I’m not, but you can shop around etsy to find a whole bunch of these. I personally think they are very practical because when it’s cold you would want your face covered.   Purchase on  etsy here. I’m sure you can search around to find cheaper ones

Happy shopping, remember it’s the thought that counts 🙂  Stay tune for my next post on great gifts for your Women, runners, cooks, and the random people!

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Merry x-mas, you get my crappy homemade present

I’ve been really sweating finances lately.  My husband and I both took a 60 percent pay cut last year to move on with our career trajectory in hope that things will be better for us 5-8 years from now.

Yeah, that last sentence  shouldn’t make any sense to you unless you’re a pilot.  It’s part of the 50 dumb things you have to put up with in our career field.

In any case we’ve been burning through cash fast and I’m sure you all have had that moment where everything breaks at once.  That’s where I am right now.  A few months ago my 5-year-old A/C broke and $1700 later it was fixed, I paid about $1800 to interview for my “dream job”, and last week I had the pleasure of spending $2000 in less than 6 days to pay incidental expense associated with my new job.  Needless to say I’m out of cash and basically just spent 3.5 months of future wages.

So thank God Christmas is less than a month away, not!

I remember coming home when I was younger with ugly homemade Christmas ornaments that my parents graciously said were wonderful to save face.  You know what I mean. Those ugly pipe cleaner ornaments you made in kindergarten and the stupid traced hands decorated as a Christmas tree.

Guilty, we’ve all made these and your parents lied to you and said they were wonderful

Well with that in mind I’m hoping that my lovely family and friends will lie to me and save face when the receive these ornaments as gifts this year.

I purchased plastic ornaments from Michaels for $1.40 (Black Friday sale) and then gathered toys from my local Party Store to create my winter wonderland diorama ornaments.

I first started by cutting a hole in my plastic ornament to make a window.

I didn’t cut myself doing this!

I then spray painted a white paint inside and out to make a quick base layer so the acrylic paint would adhere better.  You can see that I chose to hold it with my fingers while I spray painted to receive a dual purpose manicure.

French tip manicure, please!

I then painted with acrylic paint and a sponge brush inside and out. I did about 2-3 layers to get the right transparency.

This was the 3rd layer of paint

I used a clear modge podge to give it a shiny transparency over it. All though I’m sure you could spray paint a clear spray finish for the lazy ones.

As those ornaments were drying I embarked on a winter snow globe type of ornament.  This was kind of a pain in the butt.  I had to use chopsticks and a meat thermometer to position the animal on the subfloor with a glue gun.

Here’s a few of the finished ones.

The island of misfit toy lineup

Well I have some of the presents complete. Now I got to think of the supplemental gem to go along with these.

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Move over Thanksgiving

I’m broke… There I said it!   Like I haven’t been this poor since my college days and need to buy Ramen noodles poor.

So when our friends were going to throw out the Turkey Carcass this year I jumped on the oppurtunity to save it after being inspired by Lynne Rosetta Casper’s (NPR-Splendid Table) talk on turkey broth.

Turkey carcass is brewing

You see we have this cookbook in my family that has been passed back and forth for almost 6 years now between my Uncle (who doesn’t cook), my parents (the gourmand’s), and me.   So The funny thing about this situation is that no one has yet to cook anything from it.

Great Bowls of Fire… I’m proud to finally make something out of this bad boy

I chose the recipe “Curried Chicken and Banana Stew”  to help use up the 1.5 quarts of turkey broth I recovered from Thanksgiving.  I was pretty excited to also grind my own Madras Curry Spice up with my mortar and pestle that I purchased a few years back.

I know its a pain to grind your own spices and curries but the taste is of the charts and worth all the hassle!

Not only was the stew amazing the cost was about $6 which included me purchasing a rotisserie chicken.  This would also be a good soup for the Paleo Diet as it kept within the caveman  lifestyle. So my advice to you is that you must save the Turkey next year and boil it down for an amazing treat.

Cheap eating

Check back next week to see how a poor person (that’s me) attempts to make homemade Christmas presents for the bunches.

My loot for future Christmas gifts

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Best Birthday Present

I’m officially the caboose. The last pilot on the seniority list

Yeah there is a monocle attached to the vest and I have to blow a train whistle to start class

Today, I turn (gulp) 32,  and I couldn’t ask for a better birthday.   I sit today in indoctrination class at major cargo company, a dream I never in a million years dreamed would happen to me.  Cargo was my dream job for a long time and apparently not being an astronaut or a navy top gun pilot was a huge barrier for me getting an interview here.  As if getting the interview invite  wasn’t a big enough hurdle but passing the test, sim ride, and interview was all together the toughest thing I have ever done.

I can’t make this up… Are you an astronaut?

I’m sure any pilot can agree that getting their dream  job isn’t easy and signify’s all the hard work you have put into aviation (and a lot of luck).  Let me give you my drama filled aviation career synopsis.

  1. Fell in love with flying after my first flight at age 15
  2. Then gave $100,000 to Embry Riddle (take all of your money) University to get a degree and my flight ratings
  3. Graduated college after one of the worst terrorist events our nation has seen which destroyed the aviation sector for the last 12 years
  4. Flew good and  bad aviation jobs here and there for barely any money. Some example below

a. First job flying cargo I made $9 per flight hr.  However you were gone 12 hours a days but only flew 3-4 hours.  So for 12 hours of  work I was making $27 /day. No health insurance

b.  Flight instruction I made $15-20/hr.  Again only when you are flying do you get paid.  It cost me $20 a day in tolls and gas to get to the airport.  I was there everyday for 12 hours but sadly only had 2-3  lessons a day.  So I took home $20-$40 a day.   No health insurance and I only took one day off a month.  Worked a shift on my evenings off and one day off a month at  Abercrombie and Fitch just to get $25 more dollars.

c. Flew planes in the Grand Canyon. Loved the job only got paid $9 per flight hour.  No health insurance.

Evidence #1 This was a full time flying job. Paychecks paid bi-weekly. I made $149 and $374 respectively.

d.  Got hired at a regional made an awesome $17,000 on first year pay.  Finally got health insurance.  I was so happy to afford food and be able pay my phone bill finally two years after leaving college!

5.  Got hired at a major airline.  I took a 60% cut in pay to go to this job and it was worth every penny.  I loved this job, the people I worked with, the company, the airplane the whole she bang

6. Got hired at a cargo company where hopefully the pilots are just as great and the pay is tremendously better!

I’m only telling you this because I want people to know to never give up.  Hopefully all your hard work will pay off one day and you can reap those benefits and finally live out your dream job.

Well I have all these books to study (plus more), so no crafting for a while 🙂

Lots of stuff to learn

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Tour de Puerto Rico

Many moons ago I lived in a small town called Borinquen Puerto Rico.  I had a love hate relationship with the island during my stay (mostly because the living conditions were hard and we were so poor).  However looking back on my time there Puerto Rico is a magical island that has amazing things to offer.  With 3.5 days off, my husband I headed to the island for a marathon trip.



Day 1

We headed out to the El Yungue Rain Forest to do a quick hike. I convinced my husband on the way there to stop at a Kiosco and buy some pincho and Puerto Rican street food. Puerto Rican food is typically anything fried, plantains, and pork.   We must have pulled over at the sketchiest stand. The lady was burning wood in an old garbage can with a steel pot full of cooking oil.  When we ordered our empanadas and some other stuff she refried them for the second time to heat them up.  It was pretty disgusting because everything was crazy oily.  I’m really proud of my husband and I for not having to use the bathroom for the rest of the night.

Is it fried? Then it’s probably Puerto Rican food

El Yunque rain forest

After the rain forest we checked into our hotel which in a true Puerto Rican style took forever.   We hurried down to a line of Kiosoco’s and got the Puerto Rican national dish of Mofongo and pork.  After that we headed to the Bio Bay near fajardo.

Kiosco’s in Luquillo

There is only 5 Bio bays in the whole entire world and three of them are located in Puerto Rico.  Plankton in the water absorb the suns rays during the day and when they are moved in the water at night they expel the light  much like a fire fly.  This basically means that the water glows!  We took a kayak trip through the dark mangroves barely able to see the small light on the kayak in front of us.   Once we got to the bay the magic of the lagoon wowed us.  We could see large fish swimming and glowing under the water.  Everytime we moved our paddles it lit up.  This is a truly once in a life time experience that everyone should have.

Bio Bay in Laguna Grande near fajardo


I’m also happy to report back that my husband now 4-5 years together kayaked without fighting. If you have never kayaked with a loved one it’s atrue  test of your relationship.

Day 2

The next day we drove all the way across Puerto Rico headed for Rincon.  It’s known as a sleep surfing town.  We stopped at Playa las jobos to see the water hole. However the waves weren’t up enough to get the full effect.

The blow hole near playa jobos

Rincon surf on a good day… see how many people are in the water!!

By the time we got to Rincon it was getting late. We went over to Playa domes to check out the waves, rented surfboards for the next morning from some lady that clearly smoked too much weed in her adult life and drank rum punch at the calypso cafe.

We headed back to your hotel and walked on the beach to a small hotel next door that serves these famous Pirate drinks out of a coconut shell as we enjoyed the thunderstorms off the coast along the beach.

Pirate drink and storms in the background!

Day 3

We perhaps drank too much the night before at our hotel swim up bar.  However we met some great people and had way too much fun so I suppose it was worth the sluggish  morning. We headed out to a beach not realizing that a category 2 hurricane was currently over Cuba.  The waves were scary but we were determined.

Scary overhead waves… guys were getting barrels at playas domes

After a few hours of going back and forth between beaches to find a good break that we wouldn’t die on or get yelled at by locals (surfers are very territorial) we threw in the towel and gave up.  We packed up the car and drove inland towards El Rio Camuy Caves.

The cave was discovered sometime in the 1980’s and  is pretty awesome.  An underground river carved it out.  There is approximately 9 miles of the caves system hidden up in the Mountains. Our tour guide was the most boring guy ever but hey we got to see tons of bats flying around the cave so it may up for it.

Rio Camuy Caves

We were pretty pushed for time so we headed to Arecibo Observatory to the world largest satellite. You probably have seen this on a few sci-fi movies before and for any space science junky this is a must.

In Puerto Rico we couldn’t get a navigation system on our phones to work however google maps kind of worked.  I put in the direction from the El Camuy to Arecibo and it sent us on so crazy back roads that even Puerto Ricans wouldn’t drive on. I don’t think I breathed for the 20 minute drive to the observatory as we could have died at any given moment.

Arecibo Observatory

The satellite was amazing and had I not looked like hell  from swimming in the ocean and not showering I would have cherished a picture. in front of this.

We then got in the car and headed to San Juan. We pricelined our hotel using name your own price (the only way to get hotels) and scored what was a $200 dollar hotel for $70 bucks at the Hotel Hilton Caribe.  Please use a priceline cheat website next time you travel.  You are totally missing out if you don’t!

We headed to old san juan and had dinner at a cute cafe.  Im pretty over heavy unhealthy Puerto Rican food at this point.  My work schedule has been pretty bad and I haven’t worked out or ran in over 10 days, which is clearly unheard of from me.  I’m ready for a healthy cleanse when I get back to the states!

Old San Juan

Day 4.

We yelped a breakfast place in the condado that overlooked the water.  We were bummed to find out that they ran out of cooking gas so we settled with sandwich’s for breakfast. Had the view not been amazing we totally would have bailed out on this place.

Breakfast with a view

After breakfast we headed out to the hotels private beach and swam to the floating islands where I layed there like a beached whale as the husband treaded water and practiced his back stroke.

We ran back in packed, then dropped off our rental car (another puerto rican delay) and then got on the plane where we waited 40 minutes for TSA to screen bags (another typical Puerto Rican delay). Adios Puerto Rico!

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If you paint it, they will come.

I finally painted my mask!

I was torn after I papermached my creation that the Raccoon was starting to look like a wolf.  I decided that if I painted it to  look like the Raccoon that it would eventually look like one.  Indeed the plan worked.  I struggled with how to secure this to my face, and to be honest it’s pretty hard to breath, BUT I did it.  Not bad for my first attempt at a big mask like this.

Ladies and Gentleman I present my creepy mask Ms. Raccoon!

Finished Mask

Mrs Raccoon…It looked better in a dress or suit but you get the picture

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A new crashpad called home

All though I still keep a crashpad in Philadelphia recently my schedule at work has allowed me to sit back In Charlotte at my house!  However this new move hasn’t stopped my from my chaos of crafting.  I started doing linoleum block prints, making different types of cheese’s, Halloween mask,and  jewelry making.

Linoleum blocking

Chances are that I’m not going to be able to attend any Halloween celebrations because of my work schedule however that hasn’t stopped me from making my Halloween costumes.

Back in the good old days before everything was manufactured and Halloween costumes didn’t involve slutty vampires and slutty carebear’s people had to make their own!  I’ve always loved making and constructing my own Halloween costumes, because of the nostalgia and creativity involved. Below is an example of a creepy paper mache masked used in the early 1930’s.

Antique Mask

I’m not sure if you had the pleasure of watching Wicker Man with Nicholas Cage (it was horrible) but my favorite scene was at the end during a cult procession celebrating nature and about to kill Nicholas Cage as an offering.  Everyone proceeded to a field wearing animal mask. They were wildly creepy and I loved them!

Scene from the movie “Wicker Man”

I decided to make my own creepy animal mask, made out of papier-mache.  I have no idea how to do this but here I go.  I first cut out a face structure on paperstock and used floral wire on the back to support the form.

making the structure

I then used newspaper and paper masking tape to construct a structure.

Building the structure on the paper stock

Now time to make the papier-mache paste.  I’m old school and like the flour and water mix.  Try to go for a pancake batter texture but this isn’t rocket science so do whatever you want.  Just remember that the gluten in the flour is what holds everything together so don’t make the paste too thin.

Simple ingredients

I set everything out on a plastic garbage bag to catch the goop.  I forgot to take off my wedding ring…ooops.  I only put one layer of papier-mache on at a time. I didn’t want the weight of the paste to crush the fragile structure that I had made.

After round one of papermache. I put a bowl under the mask to hopefully give it a more rounded face structure. It was pretty flat when i started off.

Stay tuned for the final post of the finished project!

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